These painted clay works are part of a series that has just found completion. The series titled “Worth The Weight(Time Is Money)” seeks to touch on the idea of money culture and that we  as human beings live our lives in pursuit of this energy.

My focus during this work was what it means to pursue the love of money and whether it is worth it.  In this time we are fast approaching the end of the fiat money system. Most of what we percieve as money does not have any gold standard behind it. It has become exactly what it is you are seeing, pieces of paper. The value it has is the value we give it.

Gold on the other hand has many uses and should not only be thought of in terms of what it can get you(monetarily), but just like crystals(gemstones) once understood as a precious metal it becomes powerful alchemically.

So it then becomes not the pursuit of the actual substance gold but about pieces of paper that appear to glitter to entice us.

Therefore first we need to understand what exactly money is and what it is we think we need it for.

According to my research money is  understood to be frozen energy. However money is not and should not be the end, it is only a means to an end. Those who have put in place systems of domination and control have led us to believe that this  paper is what we need in order to survive and that is not true.  We “need” money to survive but only because we have become dependant on the idea of money being our only way to access our basic needs, and then of course our wants.

What we need and what we want is not the same thing. We fool ourselves into thinking that what will make us happy is what money can buy but this could not be further from the truth. Happiness is something you achieve when you have found out how to love yourself, and in effect all the people around you.  Love (happiness) does not come from money and cannot be found in the pursuit of wealth.  Just as a seed cannot grow in acidic soil love cannot be borne from jealousies, anger or lust.

Just like all things no thing is static and everything can change. Once we as human beings realize that we are at the end of one cycle and at the beginning of another, we will understand that things cannot and will not carry on as they are.

Nature only works in abundance not scarcity. You plant one seed and you will reap a tree with more then one fruit.

I will go into more detail about each works in my next post

thanks for viewing




 CU    tararaara


Adama (of the red earth)

For Sale: R 4 500

Medium: Painted  Clay  and Wood


000_0097 copy 000_0098 copy 000_0099 copy 000_0100 copy


For Sale:R 4 500

Medium: Painted  Clay  and Wood


000_0101 copy 000_0102 copy 000_0103 copy 000_0104 copy 000_0106 copy000_0108 copy
Too Big For Your Shoes

For Sale: R 2 500

Medium: Painted  Clay  and Wood

000_0113 copy 000_0114 copy 000_0115 copy 000_0119 copy

To My Unborn Child

For Sale R 3 000

Medium: Painted  Clay  and Wood


000_0121 copy 000_0122 copy 000_0123 copy 000_0125 copy 000_0127 copy

Those Days

Not For Sale

Medium: Painted  Clay  and Wood


000_0129 copy 000_0133 copy  000_0136 copy


For Sale

R 3 500



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