tara jacobs-knight

Bio: tara knight is an artist skilled in sculpture and painting who lives and works in the midlands of kwazulu natal. she is married with two children. i studied fine art at Michealis School of Fine Art, UCT and have just recently been finding my feet in the great big world of art. i have been creating since the tender age of 10 and i always knew that this is where my heart lies. i started out with painting but have found myself, thanks to art school, discovering many avenues such as print making and sculpure. my most recent works are clay sculpture which i have found an amazing medium to work with. my inspiration comes from trying to understand myself in relation to the world i have placed myself in. in the body i have placed myself in. the themes most prevelant in my work are about what it means to be a woman,what it means to own a body, what it means to be a human. what it means in a material world to look beyond the veil, to understand what it means being a spirit contained in a body and how the physical and metaphysical world are so inextricably linked.

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