(Woman) Mother And Child

This is the next series Ive started, called “(woman) mother and child” and it is focused on looking at what it means to be a woman and more specifically the relationship between what it means to be a mother and being a child.


000_0142 copy

000_0138 copy

000_0144 copy

My Lady (Madonna)


Glazed Clay 


Work In Progress

The following works are still being finished and heading for the kiln!

000_0154 copy

000_0156 copy

000_0159 copy

000_0161 copy

–Work in progress–

Clay (Unfired)

Ready for the Kiln





Clay (Unfired)


hello world!!!!!

a great welcome to you  masters,

allow me to introduce myself…

I am tara of the clan  jacobs-knight and I am a creator.

now i know that almost every second person shall claim to be an artist (and truly they are)but what makes my work different is that when i create i allow myself to be a vessel through which conciousness and energy flows.  i have an under(or rather balance)standing of spirit therefore  in order for one to grasp the full extent of the message in of my work you have to look with eyes that see more then just matter.

my work changes constantly but in  essense it has the same fundamental principles. it has to do with looking at the physical with an overstanding that everything is spirit because indeed it is ones spirit that provides the life force that sustains ones throughout ones lifetime. so in saying that all of my work refers to seeing the balance between the physical realm and the spirit concepts touched on by the tao te ching and many books which touch on understanding the oneness in the duality.

but i will elaborate more on themes in my work over time.

so with that said, the main part of my work is to give the viewer the opportunity to look and see within my work what they must and although i am the creator of these pieces i encourage all of my viewers to co-create with me through their interpretation of my work. there is no limitation set on my work because i overstand that  everyone exists in their own realities and therefore we will all percieve things very differently. my work therefore aims to be in a sense a blank canvas and the viewer himself will then co create with me the meaning through my providing images that will provoke a certain process of thought.

thank you much for taking the time to view my site and i hope to inspire, through both my work and my posts a a series of thoughts that can only but better our overerstanding of who and what we are.

with love